A Man and His God

August 16, 2010

On the 3rd day!

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This morning in prayer it was impressed upon me that in my life I need a 3 day resurrection. I need the power that raised Christ from the dead. This power in my daily life, in my marriage, in my walk with Christ. With this power what was old is now new, what was dead is now alive, what was broken is now being repaired, what was a joke to man now has eternal value.

To live a Christ first life is about putting things in proper order and cleaning out the junk that we make worthy of our time and talents.

I need to lay hold to the death of my flesh so I can have the promise of an abundant life that has been promised to all believers. This is not about salvation it’s about walking with Lord, it’s about living this life with the promises of God, it’s about our 3 day resurrection.

Lord create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit! I need you this day as much I needed you the day I dropped myself on your altar and asked You to commune with me and to be my Lord and savior.


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