A Man and His God

January 26, 2012

The Very Nature of Christ

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During my morning devotional time the Lord really impressed upon me His nature and heart towards us.  Jesus walked and displayed this while He was upon this earth.  His very nature and heart tells me that He loves people over tradition, mercy over sacrifice and relationship over religion.


I would say this if you go to a church or belong to a denomination that teaches you otherwise you need prayerfully leave.  Let me give some examples if you are told that to be pleasing to God you must dress or look a certain way or that complete no questioning obedience  to those in leadership is required while  using scriptures that say “Don’t touch the Lords anointed or Obedience is better than sacrifice.  I would tell you to study the bible for yourself the Holy Ghost is the great teacher and would not have you be ignorant of such things.  Study to show yourself worthy!


God loves you to much to put you under the yoke of man.



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