A Man and His God

March 21, 2010

Like Christ loved the church

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Men, as husbands it is our biggest responsibility is to love our wife’s life Christ loved His church, who gave His life. Men we need to pray for our wives, we need to cover them daily. We are their spiritual covering we must battle daily for their souls.

We are at war for our families don’t take this tasking lightly God does not. Our marriage is covenant between us and Him. He is our covering and we are wife’s covering. Satan would love to breakup marriages and families. We must battle him with the full armor of God.

In this day and age most of us have a past and we bring that baggage to our marriages. It is this past that Satan will most likely us to harm our marriages but we must resist evil and watch it flee, all for the glory of God and His wonderful Son Jesus Christ.

We are called to be the spiritual leaders of our household and I for one have been very delinquent in my responsibilities in this calling.
I said calling, we men of Christ are called to be husbands and covering for our wife’s. This is before we can answer any other call that God has on our life’s. We must start at home before we can get anywhere in the Lord.

Why do you think that the divorce rate is as high inside the church as outside the church. Satan is winning the war in our families.

Please think about this and pray but it is time for us to step up to the plate and do what we have been called for. In the name of Jesus and the blood that was shed on the Cross. He is the healer in our earthly body and in our one flesh body of marriage.


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